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After years of self-exploration and education, launching multimillion property management businesses in London, product development business and publishing companies, I looked into what drives me. I was paying attention to what motivates me to jump the steps and challenge myself.
As I am not ok with being average and lacking accomplishments…
In “real world” I found things very confusing. No one told me what the options are and what I am capable of – although a quick look around told me I am not capable of much at all. There was no guidance on how I would achieve anything I put my mind to. And most depressing, no one (apart from the people closest) cares if I do achieve anything at all.
And you know, I find the same issue with many athletes leaving the sports arena.
Sport years were filled with mental and physical stimulations, tournament goals, guiding coaches and a clear program, we knew where we were going and what is going to happen. We just had to put in the effort.
And we did. We mastered that game to details: how to manage weight, how to boost one muscle group or another, how to prepare for a specific opponent in order to increase chances of winning, when to rest and when to push harder.
We could predict the result of the tournament judging by the level of hours and the opponent’s preparation.
The biggest loss I have is the feeling of being in a team of fellow athletes, those tournament vibes of unity for one purpose.
The good news is that we can catch up. We have the discipline, desire and force to push on better than many out there. The only thing missing is guidance, support and that accountability we got used to from our coaches and fellow team mates.
This is the exact reason why ST8M exists!
“Find yourself and everything else will follow.”