There was a lot of alcohol and abuse in my family home which made me live in fear of another drunken fight every day throughout the years at I lived there.
I developed heavy stuttering which made difficult to pronounce even my own name in front of the class and I wasn’t able to stand up and talk i the class. This challenged greatly my confidence at school.
At the age of 11 I started visiting judo classes in the neighbouring town where I walked 9km each time for three times a week. Success in judo led to my transfer to the school in the capital where I successfully passed the exam at the age of 12. That pushed me away form my family and home for good.
I began training professionally bringing international and European championship results.

Despite great success in judo I slept at friends and could not afford cloths for myself or even food and at age 19 I decided to migrate.
This led to a 6 months migration expedition – walking from Moldova to London with no passport or money.
Detention centres, prisons, rough sleeping and hunger led to my arrival in England where I spend 10 years as an illegal migrant fearing for my freedom every single day and couldn’t find myself anywhere due to lack of skills and language.

No One's Business

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